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Some Questions Of Membrane Switch Design 2018-12-06

Before one membrane switch design, any questions to ask? 

1. Do you want a Membrane Switch that contains circuitry or only a Graphic Overlay?

2. What are the dimensions available for your Membrane Switch? The circuit can be designed in a matrix layout to save space with a greater number of connections.

3.  Need a back plate or bezel? It can make the switch easier to install on your finished product if there is a back plate or bezel. 

4. Where will you use the Membrane Switch? What kind environmental conditions? We'll adopt different additives and materials according to its environment. Maybe needs UV resistant, chemical resistant and anti-microbial materials and IP ratings of IP65, IP67 and IP68 to match its environment.

5. Are there any special concerns with the application? Will the Membrane Switch require embossing? 

6. Does the Switch include LED to provide visual indicators to the user of actuation? 

7. Do you need direct tactile feedback to confirm activation? There are non-tactile, metal dome tactile or polydome tactile keys, which do you want? 


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