Micro Switch 3A

  • Micro Switch 3A Manufacturers, Micro Switch 3A Factory, Supply Micro Switch 3A
  • Micro Switch 3A Manufacturers, Micro Switch 3A Factory, Supply Micro Switch 3A
Micro Switch 3A
  • Golden-Switch
  • Xiamen, China
  • in 15 days
  • 150,000pcs/Month

This small micro switch has very compact design with VDE and UL certifications. Reliable performance and long lifespan and ROHS conformance materials are key points for our clients. OEM service is available, you can order own brand.

1. Brief: 
This small micro switch has small current and compact structure, so it is very suitable used for mechanical signal. Usually it is used in house appliances, medical equipments, handle tools etc. fields. CE, TUV and UL are ready. 

2. Specification:

Product Model
Operating Force Max(N)
Release Force Min(N)
Overtravel  Min(mm)
Movement Differential Travel Max(mm)
Free Position  Max(mm)
Operating Position (mm)
Current & Voltage
3A   250VAC, 5A  125/250VAC
Temperature Grade
Contact Resistance
≦50mΩ(Initial Value)
Insulation Resistance
≧100MΩ(DC 500V)
Working Frequency
Michanical: 60cycles/min; Electrical: 30cycles/min
Lifespan of Mechanical 
Lifespan of Electrical
plastic bag;   blister

3. Packing: MS2 series packing is popular like below. Express transportation will adopt corners bar or special tube protection. 

4. Advantage: MS2 series micro switch adopts more compact design, can satisfy many designers'demand. VDE & UL certifications give you access to market global markets. ROHS grade materials are ECO friendly, won't affect your health and environment. 

5. Attentions:

1) When installing, removing, wiring, and maintaining the switch, be sure to turn it off while the power is off. Doing so may cause electric shock or burnout.

2) If a current exceeding the contact load is applied to the contact point, the joint may be welded and moved, which may cause short circuit and burnout. 

3) The operation setting after the operation is based on 70% or more of the O.T. value.

6. Certification: CE, VDE and UL certifications are ready.

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Poor contact of micro switch: If the micro switch mechanical structure is good, usually the contact point is dusty or rusty under this circumstances. You can adopt rust remover to clean the contact point, very easy.Metal component damage of micro switch: It is usually because of fatigue of metal, this kind circs happens after long time application. No way except changing a new one.Touch feeling of...more
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