Micro Limit Switch 16A

  • Micro Limit Switch 16A Manufacturers, Micro Limit Switch 16A Factory, Supply Micro Limit Switch 16A
  • Micro Limit Switch 16A Manufacturers, Micro Limit Switch 16A Factory, Supply Micro Limit Switch 16A
Micro Limit Switch 16A
  • Golden-Switch
  • Xiamen, China
  • in 15 days
  • 100,000pcs/Month

Golden-Switch micro snap switch is in compact structure with big current, can be used in various designs of house appliances, medical equipments and hand tools etc. products, very flexible.

It has passed CE, VDE and UL certifications and adopts ROHS conformance raw materials, so there is no restriction in many regions. Micro switch is our main product, so attach importance on it with mature process and strict quality control.

1. Introduction: 
Golden-Switch micro switches act very quickly and accurately and durable, have been sold to Europe and America and Turkey etc. countries and regions. We are direct professional factory in micro switches.   

micro snap switch

2. Specification:

Product Model





Operating Force Max(N)





Release Force Min(N)





Movement Differential Travel Max(mm)


Pretravel  Max(mm)


Overtravel  Min(mm)


Operating Position (mm)


Current & Voltage

16A   1/2HP   125/250VAC; 16(4)A  250VAC

Temperature Grade


Contact Resistance

≦50mΩ(Initial Value)

Insulation Resistance

≧100MΩ(DC 500V)

Working Frequency

Michanical: 60cycles/min; Electrical: 30cycles/min

Lifespan of Mechanical


Lifespan of Electrical



plastic bag;   blister

3. Packing: If no special requirement, our packing is like the photo below. Corner bars or special tubes will be adopted for express transportation. 

micro switch 10a 250v

4. Advantage: Golden-Switch micro switch is always very durable and reliable and accurate. It has passed CE, VDE & UL for your marketing. ROHS conformance materials are ECO friendly. We are direct manufacturer, OEM service is available. 

5. Attentions:

1) If it continues to be used in a state where the performance is degraded, it may eventually cause poor insulation, joint welding, poor contact, and damage and burning of the switch itself.

2) The switching capability of AC and DC varies widely, so check the rating. In the case of DC, the control capacity is very small.

3) Select the appropriate switch and use it according to the usage environment and load conditions.  

6. Certification: CE, VDE and UL certifications are ready.

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Poor contact of micro switch: If the micro switch mechanical structure is good, usually the contact point is dusty or rusty under this circumstances. You can adopt rust remover to clean the contact point, very easy.Metal component damage of micro switch: It is usually because of fatigue of metal, this kind circs happens after long time application. No way except changing a new one.Touch feeling of...more
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