Membrane Switch Panel

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Membrane Switch Panel
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This kind membrane switch panel adopts the capacitive membrane switch button, it can penetrate the insulating material case 8mm (glass, PC/acrylic/plastic, etc.) and accurately detect the effective touch of the finger. And to ensure that the sensitivity, stability, reliability, etc. of the product will not change due to changes in environmental conditions or long-term use.

1. Brief introduction: 

This membrane switch panel adopts capacitive touch technology and has LED backlights. The capacitive membrane switch button can penetrate the insulating material layer of 8mm and accurately detect finger touch. It is widely used in smartphone, tablet, touch-sensitive access control and password lockers, as well as water level, liquid level measurement, etc. all involve the application of capacitive membrane switches.

2. Specification:

Product  Name
Membrane Switch Panel
Button Lifespan
300,000 ~ 1,000,000 cycles

Contact Resistance

150 Ohms
Insulation Resistance100M Ohms
Working Voltage50V(DC)
Working Current
Working Temperature
-20℃ ~ 70℃
Storage Temperature
-25℃ ~70℃
Working Humidity
20% ~ 95%
Air Pressure860 ~ 1060 mbars

3. Service: Golden-Switch provides OEM & custom-made service upon your drawing or samples. 

4. Characteristic: The capacitive membrane switch button can penetrate the insulating material of 8mm (glass, PC/acrylic/plastic, etc.) and accurately detect the finger effective touch. And the sensitivity, stability, reliability, of the product won't change due to environmental changes or long-term use. 

5. Package: It is by bundle in plastic bag and outer carton, don't bend it because there are LED backlights. If the membrane keypad is thick with backlight, bubble film should be between 2pcs to protect and avoid scratching.  


7. Precautions:

   1) The bubble film lined between 2 membrane switches is to reduce the pressure of the button to prevent failure.

   2) The transparent film covered on both sides of the display window of the membrane switch is protective film, so don't tear it off easily..

   3) There are touch feeling, a large number of film stickers, and membrane switches, all of which need to be boxed vertically to prevent the button from being pressed for a long time.  

   4) The outgoing line of the membrane switch should be protected and should not be placed downwards.

   5) When taking and putting, prevent the material from bending and leaving creases.

   6) The membrane switch is stored in a room at room temperature, and should be treated with dust and moisture. There is no acid, alkaline or other corrosive gas in the surrounding air.

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