Membrane Keypad Dome Array

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Membrane Keypad Dome Array
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Membrane Keypad Dome Array is adopted with membrane keypad together for excellent touch feeling and stable performance and long lifespan. Especially in high-end products: mobile phones, quality house appliances and various precise equipments etc. And ours is in ROHS consistency.

1. Product brief:

Membrane Keypad Dome Array is always adopted with membrane switch together, unless the products requirement is not very high. For example: Usual remote control only adopts polydome for stable performance in one or two years, the remote control is very cheap, so users don't mind to buy a new one once it can't work again. 

2. Specification:

Product  Name
Snap dome array
Button Lifespan
1,000,000 cycles
Scope of Force
Touch Feeling Value
Shielding Adhesion Force
No Shedding under 3M800#
ESD Resistance
Touch Resistance
Metal Dome Total Height
Rubber Shrinkage
MD(%):0.5      CD(5): 0.3↓
Product Size 

3. Service: OEM service is available upon your drawings in AI & CDR format or samples in this industry. 

4. Characteristic: ROHS consistency, Ultra-thin-layer, very durable, stable performance and clear touch feeling.

5. Dome Surface treatment: Suggest stainless steel plain surface for mass product; If your product needs very very small resistance, suggest gold plating. 

6. Package: Suggest plastic bag and carton because it is not fragile. Of couse you can appoint package, but it maybe incurs additional cost. 

tactile dome sheet

7. Assembly precautions:

   1) Finger cot is essential to peel off the protection film of Membrane Keypad Dome Array to avoid dirty.

   2) Normal operation is to clean PCB first, then paste the dome sheet on PCB surface. else dirty will affect the joint of dome sheet and PCB surface.

   3) PET film temperature limit is only 80 degrees, so have to paste it after the electrical components are mounted on PCB.

   4) Simple tool is suggested to help positioning, else you are very difficult to avoid deviation.

8. Payment: by T/T, 30% down payment, balance paid before shipment. because of seldom very big order in this industry.

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