4 Pin SMD Switch

  • 4 Pin SMD Switch Manufacturers, 4 Pin SMD Switch Factory, Supply 4 Pin SMD Switch
  • 4 Pin SMD Switch Manufacturers, 4 Pin SMD Switch Factory, Supply 4 Pin SMD Switch
4 Pin SMD Switch
  • Golden-Switch
  • Xiamen, China
  • in 15 days
  • 1,500,000pcs/Month

This smd micro switch can be seen in many house appliances and devices. Golden-Switch adopts ROHS class materials and strict quality control. Reliable performance and long lifespan and quick production speed are key points.

1. Introduction: 
The characteristics of the tact switch are an electronic device that lightly touches the button with a finger. The switch panel and the protruding button connected to the switch panel are characterized in that the arc-shaped connecting strips on both sides thereof are integrally connected with the panel.

application (11).jpg

2. Specification:

Product Model
Rated Power
DC12V    50mA
Contact Resistance
Max. 100mΩ 
Insulation Resistance
Min. 100MΩ 
Operating Force
100,000 cycles
H Value
4.3mm, 5mm,6.5mm,7mm,7.5mm,9.5mm
Plastic Bag

3. Product packing: Usually this mini tactile switch is packed in tape & reel and carton. Some clients adopt plastic bag and carton.

SMT PACK (2).jpg


4. Advantage: Golden-Switch adopts ECO friendly materials(ROHS). Technique knowhow is adopted in it with mature process and quick production speed.

5. How to Choose Tact Switch?

1) The number of lifespan and touch feeling is determined by the shrapnel and stroke of the tact switch. A short trip and a lighter sound will lengthen the lifespan, vice versa.

2) The key factor affecting the reliability of the conduction is the construction of the touch point. The larger the touch surface of the touch point, the better, the best is the “O-type touch”.

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