Micro Switch in Gas Water Heater


Micro Switch in Gas Water Heater

In the middle of the water heater, you open the water heater's outer casing, and then turn on the water heater's water inlet switch, you can see that the inside of the plate will move. Then on the side is the micro switch.

The micro switch is a component that is internally triggered by a metal reed. After the button is pressed once, the silver dot in the front part of the metal reed in the micro switch is triggered once with the lower contact pin, causing the circuit conduction to be transmitted to the controller a signal, then reset.

In the gas water heater industry, the micro switch is very important. There are many type snap action switches: micro switch without lever, roller micro switch, long lever micro switch, short arm micro switch etc. Golden-Switch micro switches are widely used in electronic equipments and house appliances etc. for automatic control and safety maintenance of circuits that requires frequent switching.

The micro switch in gas water heater is to control the ignition. When the water pressure reaches a certain rate, the diaphragm will open the micro switch through the drive shaft, and the micro switch will give the pulse igniter a signal, start discharge and fire, then the  electromagnetic valve When the signal is received,the gas is supplied to the valve, and the gas is started to be burned.

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