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Membrane Switch Brief Introduction 2018-09-25

Golden-Switch Membrane Switch Brief Introduction

1. The membrane switch, also known as the membrane button, is a flat, thin-film touch button switch. It is different from traditional mechanical button switches. The membrane switch is soft, ultra-thin, and light, and is commonly used in all industries. The panel layer of the membrane switch is a layer of a few tenths of a millimeter of PET or a PC film material. According to the different needs of customers, there are anti-scratch, anti-UV, anti-glare, glossy and so on. The thickness of the facestock is usually between 0.15 and 0.254 mm, and the commonly meterials are 0.15, 0.18, 0.2 mm of imported PET or PC material. The circuit part can be PET, or it can be our usual FPC and PCB. The membrane switch is an electrical control switch for a human-machine interface.

2. The membrane switch is usually a typical structure of 6 layers, or a structure of 4 layers or even 8 layers. The panel layer is a visible interface between people and machines. Another key part is the circuit layer. The circuit layer can be PET or FPC, PCB. All layers of the membrane switch are assembled by acrylic adhesive bonding. The function buttons can be silver dots or metal domes.

The common structure is as follows:

1) 4-layer structure: panel layer + interlayer adhesive + line (PET / FPC) + adhesive;

2) 6-layer structure: panel layer + interlayer rubber + shrapnel fixing layer + interlayer rubber + circuit layer (PET / FPC) + adhesive;

3) Other structures:

3.1) Panel layer + interlayer silicone glue + silicone button + silicone glue + shrapnel fixing layer + interlayer rubber + circuit layer + adhesive;

3.2) Panel layer + interlayer adhesive + shrapnel fixed layer + PCB circuit board;

There are other membrane switches and silicone button switches, we can do OEM or custom-made according to customer needs;

3. The types of membrane switches we can do:
Ultra-large size membrane switch / membrane button / membrane panel / film circuit, LED backlight membrane switch, EL cold film backlight membrane switch, LGF backlight membrane switch, capacitive induction membrane switch, silicone button membrane switch, FPC line membrane switch, PCB line Membrane switch, metal back plate membrane switch, acrylic / PC back plate membrane switch, waterproof membrane switch, UV membrane switch, panel color film switch, dot membrane switch.

4. Application range
Membrane switches are used in a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, household appliances, mechanical equipment, test equipment, measuring instruments, energy, automotive, aerospace, marine, medical, fitness equipment and other industries. The advantages of using a membrane switch instead of a conventional mechanical switch are many, such as light weight, easy to clean, waterproof and dustproof, UV resistant, scratch resistant, ultra-thin, soft and suitable for a variety of shape applications.

5. Our strengths and services:
1) Design and production of engineering renderings in accordance with international standards;
2) We have a high-grade anti-static clean room to assemble a variety of high-precision and high-demand membrane switch products and complete machine assembly or semi-finished assembly products;
3) Free suggestions for improvement for customers whose designs are unscientific and unreasonable;
4) We have skilled production staff and experienced design engineers;
5) ISO certified factory;
6) Imported raw materials, such as British Ketutai PET, American GE Lexan PC material, 3M adhesive, Liwangjiao, Nicomatic, CJT connector, Korean silver paste, Japanese ink, etc.

The film control panel consists of a PET/PC panel and a 3M adhesive. The panel can be either screen printed or lithographic. The membrane panel is an interface between the human and the machine, providing a wealth of information. The film panel can also be used as a label. We can OEM or tailor the film panels with different requirements according to the different needs of our customers.


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