• 1.FAQ

    Poor contact of micro switch: If the micro switch mechanical structure is good, usually the contact point is dusty or rusty under this circumstances. You can adopt rust remover to clean the contact point, very easy.Metal component damage of micro switch: It is usually because of fatigue of metal, this kind circs happens after long time application. No way except changing a new one.Touch feeling of tact switch: Usually there are 2 kind dome materials: stainless steel & phospher copper. After furnace temperature, the phospher copper dome will deform a little, then touch feeling will be bad. But stainless steel dome won't happen this matter.High resistance value of tact switch: High resistance value means that the contact area is too small. Dome and pin terminal is very strict with electroplating, electroplating effect affects resistance value directly. And after lifespan test, the dome surface will have wear and tear, so the electroplating layer will be thinner, the resistance value will be higher.

  • 2.Precautions when using the tact switch

    1. When soldering a terminal, if a load is applied to the terminal, it may loosen due to different conditions, and the deformation and electrical characteristics may deteriorate. Please pay attention when using it.2. Please avoid using the water-soluble flux when it is soldered.3. Regarding the setting of the welding conditions, please proceed according to the conditions at the time of actual mass production.4. If it is used beyond the rated voltage, there is a possibility of poor contact. Please use it separately when using the above conditions.5. Can not be cleaned.6. The product is designed and manufactured on the premise of DC resistance load. When using other loads (inductive load (L), capacitive load (C)), please check separately.7. Please note that the circuit setting (software setting) should be set to the combined parts according to the bounce and oscillation specified by each switch type.8. Be careful not to use it continuously for a long time near the upper and lower limits of the operating temperature range. Please note that it should be within the scope of various environmental tests in the product specifications specified in the conditions of use.

  • 3.Precautions when choosing the tact switch?

    One of the many features of the tact switch is the problem of service life. As a key component that requires long-term use, this number should be higher if it is a special office item. Therefore, when purchasing, you need the dealer or manufacturer to know its service life.Followed by touch. In general, the best quality optical touch switches have moderate keystrokes, lighter forces, good feedback, and a very clear and clear feel. And if it is difficult to rebound, you need a big hit switch, or even a complete rebound, you need to pay attention.In addition, as a product that requires frequent contact every day, touch buttons require reliable environmental performance. According to the technical requirements of the industry, the tact switch should meet at least the RoHS standard.Finally, there are other details to consider. The tact switch is one of the electronic components, and it should not be too difficult in structural design. It must ensure its excellent electrical performance in order to perform and cut off better. Therefore, we must pay attention to distinguish, pin and other materials need to pay attention to whether brass, phosphor bronze raw materials, whether it is silver plating technology and so on. Only by paying attention to these details can we ensure the quality of the touch switch!

  • 4.Micro switch use precautions

    1. When fixing the switch main body, use a small screw of M2 to fix it on a smooth surface with a torque of 0.098 N·m or less. In addition, to prevent loosening of the screws, it is recommended to use washers at the same time.2. Please note that the action body should not exert force directly on the button or the exciter in the free state. When using it, the button should apply force in the vertical direction.3. The operation setting after the operation is based on 70% [%] or more of the O.T. value. In the case of a switch, do not set the operating body at the operating limit position to avoid the opening and closing and over-traveling of the impact.

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