Testing Center

Golden-Switch has professional lab equipments:AC inductive load test equipment,Analog motor load test equipment, AC resistive load test equipment, Elastic curve sensor, lifespan tester,2D projector, Height gauge,resistance meter, microscope, high-low temperature testing etc. 

Briefly introduction of several equipments: Microscope is used to inspect contact punching quality, the gap between the contact point & shrapnel & foreign matter etc. Height gauge is used to test pretravel, release travel, operating force, release force & free position. Life tester is mainly used to test the michanical lifespan of micro switches & tact switches. The AC resistive load test equipment is used to test electrical lifespan of micro switches & tact switches.                                       

Besides above, Golden-Switch has some half-finished product & finished product inspection equipments in the production lines. 

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