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Application of micro switch in gas water heater 2018-12-14

Application of micro switch in gas water heater

The micro switch working principle is that the external mechanical force passes the transmission component (by pin, button, roller, etc.) to exert the force on the action reed, and after the energy is accumulated to the critical point, the instantaneous action occurs, and the movable contact at the end of the action reed is made. Turn on or off quickly with the fixed contact.

The micro switch is based on the push pin type, and can be derived as a button short stroke type, a button large stroke type, a button extra large stroke type, a roller button type, a reed roller type, a roller type, a short moving arm type, a long moving arm type, etc. Micro-switches are used in electronic equipment and other equipment for automatic control and safety maintenance of circuits that require frequent switching.

The effect of the water heater micro switch is to control the ignition. When the water pressure reaches a certain time, the diaphragm inside will open the micro switch through the drive shaft, and the micro switch will give the pulse igniter a signal, start discharge and fire, then the  electromagnetic valve When the signal is received,the gas is supplied to the valve, and the gas is started to be burned.


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